Packaging Service

“Our packaging delivers, what it´s  promising”

The globalization of market places particular demands on products, which sometimes travel thousands of kilometres through a variety of climatic zones and are exposed to a number of environmental factors, such as dust and salty water. Despite this, products must reach their recipient dry, clean and free of rust. This only works out when the goods are packed in a way, which corresponds to transport conditions and keeps them stowed safely and correctly for the duration of transit.

Equipment packaging for sea transport, heavy goods packaging respecting static standards, special anti-corrosive protection, foil wrapping and/or waxing – irrespective of size, we arrange the packaging of goods at the customer’s premises immediately before dispatch, in the warehouse, or at the loading terminal (airport, transit warehouse, port). With our partners all over Europe and in all ports with corresponding storage capacity – including for heavy goods – we quickly and flexibly prepare your goods for dispatch by land, sea and air respecting the relevant regulations (e.g. ISPM 15).