Project planning

“We know about chaos”

For us, project planning means being ready to advise our customers, as a partner, at all stages of the process, from initial planning up to the final delivery of the goods.

We will give you support in freight calculations at the quoting stage, carry out feasibility studies/ route surveys, support you in the acquisition of import licences, are ready to advise you in credit processing/ document creation and oversee the entire transport process, from factory to end recipient.

This includes the export and import of large-scale goods as well as all associated activities, e.g. dismantling and reassembly of roofs.

We can offer all kind of transport equipment  (wagons, low-loaders, trailers, barges, coastal vessels, bulk carriers, pontoons, ro/ro vessels / car carriers and heavy-lift vessels with  own cranes etc.) and therefore we are in a position to always serve your requirements. 

Our extensive contacts and experience help us to offer competitive rates and multiple transport solutions for all aforementioned modes of transport.

In addition to this, we can offer individual direct charter contracts.